Friday, August 24, 2012

A little respect...

Lori has been my girlfriend for 7 years now. I think that means we are married in the eyes of the State but she is still my 20something goth/clubber who I used to work with in a game store regardless of what life has done to us. Lori is FAR more social then I am since I keep to myself mostly and do my work. Content to live in imaginary worlds rather then deal with the real and without her I wouldn't be able to do what I do today. And for those who are familiar with me are probably, only because of her posts and links to my ramblings and endeavors. But, if for some reason you have found me without proxy go and check out her blog

Lori and I used to work in a game store in Seattle which is how we met and her interest in painting miniatures has grown into something which demands mentioning; in the U.S. too often miniatures are viewed as a means-to-an-end, you collect the figures for what they do on the battlefield rather then their aesthetics and it is rare to see someone give the love, attention and passion to a figure that many deserve. I understand that not everyone can be a master at painting, sculpting or converting but at the same time I think if you are going to pay the price for what some of these companies are charging for a miniature then maybe the figure DEMANDS your best efforts. Lori started out with the mentality of, "gotta get my army painted so I can play," (which plagues too many of us,) into a finer appreciation of the beauty of the single figure painted and converted into a thing of pride and a piece of art that can stand on its own or tell a story just by being what it is. Every mini is a learning experience and if you want to take a ride and share some time with someone who has the desire to grow then skip over and check out her blog; help out, learn a thing, commiserate or just chat. She's pretty cool about just everything; How cool? It's been seven years and she still puts up with me so how cool is that?

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