Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wrath of Kings: The Children

I'm guessing these guys are soldiers for the Warchild figure but I could be wrong. I was given one piece of art and asked to do three different poses from it and here they are. Fimo, magic sculpt and aluminum tubes.

Pictures provided by CMoN, figure painting by James Wappel and art by Edouard Guiton


  1. Ah, it was you, of course! I'm painting this unit now, and love how they turned out for the most part! Just one weirdness though, the guys with the pose in picture 8 all have their left deltoids running up over the collarbone and fusing with the trapezoidal muscles. What's up with that? Otherwise, these were nifty, and I'm enjoying painting them so far!

    1. "Ah, It was you, of course!" I like how you make it sound like I'm some reoccurring villain. "I should have known you were the one behind all of this!"

      Sorry, I can't give too much insight into this as it was 5 years ago. I was able to dig up the original concept art I worked from and posted it in this entry. There is a good possibility I was worried about the deadline and getting money to pay rent and get some food so I wasn't paying attention like I should have.