Friday, August 24, 2012

A little respect...

Lori has been my girlfriend for 7 years now. I think that means we are married in the eyes of the State but she is still my 20something goth/clubber who I used to work with in a game store regardless of what life has done to us. Lori is FAR more social then I am since I keep to myself mostly and do my work. Content to live in imaginary worlds rather then deal with the real and without her I wouldn't be able to do what I do today. And for those who are familiar with me are probably, only because of her posts and links to my ramblings and endeavors. But, if for some reason you have found me without proxy go and check out her blog

Lori and I used to work in a game store in Seattle which is how we met and her interest in painting miniatures has grown into something which demands mentioning; in the U.S. too often miniatures are viewed as a means-to-an-end, you collect the figures for what they do on the battlefield rather then their aesthetics and it is rare to see someone give the love, attention and passion to a figure that many deserve. I understand that not everyone can be a master at painting, sculpting or converting but at the same time I think if you are going to pay the price for what some of these companies are charging for a miniature then maybe the figure DEMANDS your best efforts. Lori started out with the mentality of, "gotta get my army painted so I can play," (which plagues too many of us,) into a finer appreciation of the beauty of the single figure painted and converted into a thing of pride and a piece of art that can stand on its own or tell a story just by being what it is. Every mini is a learning experience and if you want to take a ride and share some time with someone who has the desire to grow then skip over and check out her blog; help out, learn a thing, commiserate or just chat. She's pretty cool about just everything; How cool? It's been seven years and she still puts up with me so how cool is that?

Noh Rashinma-To

One of the cool things about Gencon is that all the companies that I've sculpted for finally show off their work which means I can finally talk about it. Here is the Hunter, (I think he is called "Rashinma-To,") and his warhounds that I did for Soda Pop Miniatures. Leaner then the Berzerkers and a tad taller since his hair is bigger he was the third Noh I sculpted for John Candice. The concept art by Chris Walton had a pretty wide stance and to keep that look and fit him on the correct base I made a scenic insert for him to stand on. Not sure who did the color drawing but it looks like it is based off of Chris's concept art. Anyhoo, no official picture of the mini yet, (that I could find) so the ones here are either from me or scrounged from the net. In the 4th pic, Zenida and Sprite were sculpted by Aragorn Marks using a digital haptic sculpting tool which I thought was pretty cool.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kasaro-To, general of the Noh faction

John Candice has had me working on a bunch of the Noh figures for the release of Relic Knights and this guy is the latest. General Kasaro-To, his mount Dahaka and his cipher, "Azi." designed by Chris Walton this guy was a crazy complex puzzle that kept me busy for quite a while. Just when I thought I as making progress or getting things done I would notice/remember some detail that would need to be added. And then to top it all off, making the pieces fit together AND on the base? Oh yeah, I was having a ball. Noh are big so squeezing this guy on to the base size while keeping the dynamic stance was a big worry but I think he turned out OK. The mount's head is on a ball and socket as is the tail so a little freedom of posing is possable right out of the box. And even though there is a joint-key in all 4 shoulders and waist they are still ball and socket too so with a little cutting customizers can get more poses out of the mount... But I don't know how the general will fit on the back after that is done.

Anyway, here are some pics of the greens to go along with the other Gencon pics. Sorry, I'm not a photographer but it should give you an idea of the parts breakdown. Sculpted with Fimo, greenstuf, Magic Sculpt with cast resin parts and brass rod.
Pics snagged from Gencon, art is based on Chris Walton's concept art, (but I don't know who colored it,) and the last three photos are done by inept, 'ol me. Hope you guys like.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pyre Troll part Deux

Heeeeey! Privateer released my Pyre troll! This guy was done around November of '10 and was sort of a side project with Ron Kruzie. Something that was a bit off about the original was that he was kinda on the small side, more of a Trollblood then a Troll so we wanted to get his size increased as well as a new pose. I wanted to do something different in that regard so there was diversity on the battlefield, I ended up with a Hulk-like pose of the Troll charging into battle rather then spitting fire. The two things that got changed was that he had fire coming out of his mouth that ended up getting removed, not like a fire ball but rather that his insides were on fire and the flames were licking up the sides of his face. Like a furnace on full blast. The other was the pose; originally he was balanced on his forward foot which I thought made a more dynamic charge but they didn't like that and requested he be re posed so that both feet were touching the base. This was done with a simple cut on the right foot's ankle and the figure leaned back about 30 degrees. I kinda felt that this took away a lot of the implied momentum and made it look more like he was strolling forward to give a hug. Oh well.
Picture provided by Privateer Press, painting by Privateer painting staff.