Friday, May 13, 2016

Wrath of Kings: Gorbal the Rampager (AKA: Wolf-Bat-Man Guy)

Another new WoK figure finally making it's way into production and it turns out he is called "Gorbal the Rampager" and not "Wolf-Bat-Man Guy" like I had named him. I guess they don't like my ideas for titles.
This guy was finished up in August of 2013 and looking back at it the work I did on the backpack I am not displeased too much. Something that is pretty regular for me in my work is a lack of back detail in concept art, especially with the steampunk boiler/backpacks that seem to be the fad right now. Because of that it's up to me to figure out how all these tubes and such all fit together and every-once-in-a-while things work out OK. I usually don't get the chance to be retrospective about my work since as soon as I am done with one figure I'm thinking about the next so getting to look back at these pictures is kind of nice. Keep in mind it's been almost three years since I sculpted this guy and I have no recollection of actually making this so it's sort of an added, "I did that?" to the walk down memory lane.


  1. Superb work as always. May I ask what you used for the metal elements of the back? Also do you have a picture of the armature with just the putty with out the clay?
    Tahnky :)

    1. Thank you, glad you like it. The back was done with different sizes of aluminum tubing along with some brass rod. The curving pipes is just armature wire anything blue is Fimo and anything green is greenstuff.
      If a WIP pic of this guy specifically is what you want I don't have one, sorry. But I do have some of another figure I plan on posting soon. I get asked occasionally for more progress shots to be posted on this blog so I might do that with one in particular. We'l see since it hasn't been released.

  2. Also I had a good laugh at "Wolf-Bat-Man Guy" :)