Friday, August 27, 2010

So... I worked on a line of toys?

A while back I got an emergency call from Matt Wilson who had a friend that needed some sculpts done ASAP, I said sure (I could use the money) and got sent some concept art for a super secret project. After it was all done I didn't hear anything about it, I had no idea what I worked on or if it was even released to the public. Today I was scooting around Toys R Us and something caught my eye in the discount section. Something that looked strangely familiar. Turns out I worked on something called Nanovor by smith and Tinker; some kind of Pokemon, Digimon-ish game where you can collect wee beasties and have them battle each other via cards or small electronic devices. One of the two sculpts i did is called "Electropod" and is released, the other called "Plasma Lash" and I have no idea if he is out yet or ever will be, considering that I found it in the discount bin I'm guessing sales are not the best. Still, totally odd stuff


  1. hey i had a look for this stuff on google, but cant find anything about the miniatures anywhere... really must not of done well at all. but it does seem that it managed to survive as a online game of sorts by the look of it...

  2. Yeah, as far as I know only 3 minis were released, this is the official site...
    I have no idea if any other figs are going to come out for it but the game still looks as if its being played...
    I know Amazon and EBay both have the figs up for sale and they might have some pics of the little guys... Or you can just swing by the discount section of you Toys R Us ;)