Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For the love of Lovecraft

I have been sculpting a lot of big stuff lately, I mean A LOT. Oh man, have I been sculpting a lot... Um, anyways. I was asked by Blackball Games a while ago to work on their Book of Fragments project which is a Lovecraft based game. They wanted their creatures to be as big as they are reflected in the stories so I have been working in a scale that has pushed me out of standard gaming miniature techniques and into garage kit type of sculpting.
Here is the Dark Young, (Shub Niggurath) first model for Blackball and at the time this was the biggest sculpt I had worked on to date; measuring at about 260mm long and 130mm at it's highest point the model is produced in resin and is 3 pieces (4 including the base.)
Concept art by Brian Snoddy, always a pleasure to work with and paint by Jessica Rich


  1. Sick work, man. Seriously twisted and authentically c'thonic.

  2. While I am not usually a fan of Lovecraftian type monsters, I just had to say how beautiful your sculpt is.

    A real piece of art

  3. Nicely done! Do you find it easier to sculpt larger models?

  4. Thanks to everyone, glad you like it.
    Sculpting big has it's ups and downs; usually when concept artists do their work they add as much detail in a small concept as they would to a large so I have the advantage of size in that respect but large scale stuff has to be broken down into more parts to keep their dynamic pose so there ends up being a bit more engineering which detracts from the fun of sculpting.

  5. Wow! This is just GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I hope you're the Jason I knew back in my Midian days- if so, keep in touch!. :-)

  6. You'll hurt me if I flip a card. ;-) Glad to have found you, though! Although, I have to give full credit to Shawn for that. (Or blame, as the case may be, lol).
    Anyway, please do keep in touch- I'm on Facebook (though you may get a lot of crazies on there- I've blocked most of them) or gmail (twhitsett) or Skype.