Friday, March 11, 2011

Gorax part deux

About a couple of months ago I finished up the new Gorax sculpt for Privateer. I know Ron and a few others weren't too thrilled with the original sculpt. This time since there wasn't a huge rush on getting him done as there was already a model out for it we got to take our time. That neck harness threw everything off on this guys anatomy, getting the head into the necessary position and the chest flexing with that object in the way made sure I was plenty frustrated with getting it to look like the art as well as like it could be a living creature. Geah.
He's not dragging a stone behind him this time and the sculpt is based off of the Hords book art of the gorax and not the concept art. Anyway, hope this goes over with Circle fans, I know from doing the extreme sculpts that people hate to have new interpretations done of their warbeasts.
Pictures provided by PP and paint by PP's team.

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