Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wraith Engine

3 1/2 months of my life went into making this engineering nightmare, and that's about as much as I want to talk about it.
Photos provided by Privateer Press, paints by Privateer Press paint team.


  1. That is made of pure win, a nightmare come true. I will be getting one of these immediately!

  2. Knowning that you did it, I might just get one, Im a fan!

  3. I've got one and one more in the mail coming to me. I love the model! My question (which you'll hopfully answer, either here or by email - vegaskatus at yahoo dot com) is - do you have any recomendations on how to make the two models look different? I could change the arm positions slight, but that's it. Any recoemndations? I'm not afriad to do some conversion work, but I'm at a loss as the model is kind of in a one-pose state.

    1. ...You can field more then one at a time? Jesus, I didn't know that. Ummmmm... Well, outside of sculpting an entirely new mass of tendrils I cant think of one. I tried to put articulation into the head, wrists and shoulders for some variation but that lower half just doesn't lend itself to conversion. If you are willing to try for something different some of the Cryx multi-legged walkers might work for a more insectile feel. Or maybe that new Necron walker but I'm guessing it would take up a lot more space on the board then normal and the two styles might not mesh together well. Possibly a McFarlane figure or something from a 7" action figure range might be a good substitute, I'm sure there has got to be a figure from Spawn or Gears of War that has a tattered robed body that could be chopped up for a new bottom half. Does that help?

    2. Thank you for the reply! An army can field up to two. The articulation you describe is really nice to be honest, which is why didn't feel the need to try to modify the top half of the model.

      I managed to get the new Necron spider walker at a decent price and am going to see if that's not (hopefully) too big. I'm planning to cut some plasticard/sheet styrene to make (assuming its not too big)the roughly triangle shapped leg shields that a lot of the Cryx spider walkers have. But I do want to add more ribbed hoses to try to keep the feel you have on the original model (hopefully this whole thing isn't insulting to you since I'm a total amature) that will be going from the main body of the Wraith Engine into the spider walker main body. I'm going to take a look at guitar strings and ribbed tubing at the auto supply store near my house. I really appreciate the help and advice!

      Thank you for the 7" action figure range ideas, I'm definately going to look around and see what I can see. I'm definately all about working with materials that are already at hand. If I still lived in Japan, I'd take a day trip around to my favorite model shops to see if I could find anything that would help.

  4. Two? Shows how much I know about the games I sculpt for.
    Check out Zinge industries and Dragonforge for hoses, much easier to work with resin or pewter guitar strings then the real ones.
    I don't find people reworking my sculpts insulting, I actually love seeing what people do with them. The Wraith Engine is not one of my favorite sculpts I did so go for it, I'm sure it would be an improvement.

  5. Thanks for the links! I'm going to order some from Dragonforge (since I think they're in the US) and give that a try before I go the guitar string route. Thanks for all your help!