Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adepticon angel?

Oooooohyeaaaaah, I remember sculpting this. God, something like a year ago, forgot that I did it but just ran across a picture of it. Took a few seconds to realize it was one of mine. This was set up by John Candice over at Sodapop Miniatures (which is why there is a little soda pop bottle at her feet) and has alt weapons and heads for those of you who like a little choice with their minis. This is the first female figure I have sculpted to go into production and I'm pretty sure the only "human scaled" figure I have done for anyone other then myself. 
Apparently it's limited to 500 and you have to have a ticket for Adepticon 2012 to get it so to those who go and get one I hope you enjoy.
Picture shamelessly snagged from Adepticon website and figure painted by James Wappel

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