Saturday, July 21, 2012

"My love for you is like a truck..."

I've been doing work for Soda Pop Miniatures for a while now, at least a couple of years which when you look at just how much I did doesn't seem like much but on the other hand is a pretty heavy break from my usual, The Noh for relic Knights are in the, "monstrous," scale that I'm usually asked to sculpt in but the armor is in a much more detailed, mecha, symmetrical style then I'm used to so here's hoping that I've pulled it off. Chris Walton did the concept art for these guys and it's always fun sculpting from his references. For the Berserkers I wanted o make sure that the parts between the two figures were compatible so that means the forearms, hip armor, hands/weapons and loincloth should be swap-able with both body types. I'm not sure how many you can field in an army but I wanted to make sure that people could do a bit of customizing with their figs. See! I've got your back! 
Oh, and since John Candice posted it on his Facebook page...
Photos provided by various sites I snagged from and painting by James Wapple (I think?) art by Chris Walton, "Green" by... Me!

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