Saturday, October 1, 2016

Massive Darkness: Reptisaurus Rex

I guess I lied, kind of? I got asked to do this guy after the campaign was over with and I had thought I had done everything there was for me to do with Massive Darkness so this was a surprise.

Sculpts like this end up being kind of odd when you start translating the foreshortening aspect of a 2D picture into 3D, Especially capturing the bulk of what is implied in the concept you begin to realize how thick the creature actually is.

  Finalized set...


  1. Hi,
    I really like your work.
    That being said, I am taken aback by the look of the dorsal "spikes" as well as some scales on the forearms. They look oddly round and plain, as if some texturing was missing.
    Sorry for the worrying.
    Rest is really impressive and carries the savagery and reptilian strength that was on the concept!

    1. That's kind of funny since it was the pose and energy that I felt I didn't hit on this one. The concept arts pose ended up revealing some odd problems specifically with the thickness of the arms (the foreshortening I mentioned in the post) and the back and shoulders. With the arms thrown back like they are it bunches up the the mass in the back which began to compete for space with the dorsal spines. The other part was the leg positioning; the art looks as if he's standing on a slant and I couldn't quite figure out if the art was skewed or if the artist just drew it that way. Either way it changed the dynamic of the sculpt, making his legs seem shorter then the art.

      As far as the scales and such, well, that's pretty much what the art had; Sporadic clusters of pebbly scales. So that's what I did. I could have blended them into the skin more like the art but it might have just made him look (more) lumpy. And even though I rounded the dorsal spines more then the art there is still details of cracks and pockmarks. Who knows, maybe peoples opinion will change once the figure is in hand? Maybe not? Either way, thanks for the comment and observations, I rarely get to talk about it so It's always fun for me.

    2. Thanks for the insight too!!
      Final sculpt do look very similar to the art, so you master subtility!!!!
      As you say, I'll have a final opinion once the beast in the hand. ('coz I definitely bought this box!)

    3. Let me know how you feel about the figure once you have it, sculpting from art has it's bizarre constraining aspects. For example; if the art is released to the public before the figure is shown then people will expect the sculpt to look as close to the art as possible which can become daunting as a sculptor with what works in 2D vs. 3D. Unforeseen problems begin to arise that look completely feasible in the art suddenly have physical issues during the translation, objects and mass begin to vompete for space and you start struggling with what looks "natural" and what the art shows.
      Luckily, in some cases, Guillotine Games has allowed me freedom to design and sculpt figures that they did art for after the sculpt was done. Since the art now has to conform to the already done figure, it makes me look like I'm a better sculptor then I am. So, when you flip-flop that perspective I guess I cheat a bit.

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    1. Thank you, glad you are enjoying the figure.