Wednesday, February 7, 2018

CMoN: HATE - "Trull"

Here is the latest for Cool Mini or Not's kickstarter campaign for HATE and it's "Trull the Flesh Storm." This guy was finished in early April of 2017. Art by Adrian Smith and painted mini by Angel Giraldez.


  1. Such great work! I am looking forward to marvelling at your work when the game arrives.
    HATE had an all-star cast of sculptors I see. Glad you contributed:)

  2. Thank you, glad you like him. I got to say though that I was unaware as to who else was working on the project so when the Kickstarter went up and I saw my figures were along side all those other sculptors work it's pretty intimidating.

    1. Probably a good thing that they keep all contributors anonymous for that very reason :)
      But hey I think you are easily suited as a sculptor for this game.
      Do you create/sculpt the bases for each of the sculptured or do you simply use an existing pre-made bases?

    2. It depends a lot on the art; in this case I did not need to do them since all the figures were standing on a flat plane, (and I was not asked to,) but if the concept art has them interacting with an environment and it effects their stance then it's something that needs to be considered. For instance; several figures I did for Blood Rage has them on a scenic base and that was because the art I was working from were not sketches but finished pieces and had them in a very specific pose, (Fenrir and the Mountain Giant come to mind,) and I was asked to sculpt them in that position. The best way to capture that was to add something to stand on to keep that dynamic but it really is dependent on the figure and what the customer wants.