Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blood Rage: Mountain Giant

Now this, THIS is the guy I've been wanting to show off! I did this figure in 10 days, (which is fast BTW) and I did something I should never ever do; I sculpted it without taking progress pictures for Mike McVey to critique. Normally I take photos of the figure during various stages to 1: show that I am working on the project and making progress, and 2: the art directors can point things out they want changed before it gets too far along in the sculpt to become a problem. But I was under a tight deadline for this guy since I had him as well as the Mystic Troll to do and I just sorta... Spaced out for a while sculpting him. Before I knew it I had him done. Luckily Mike was OK with how it turned out and I got him overseas in time for the Kickstarter campaign.
I changed his pose a bit, (Sorry Mr. Smith!)  and did kind of the reverse for the Frost Giant; instead of being perched on a scenic base of a cliff face I had him descending down the scenic addition. I had Jane's Addiction: Coming Down the Mountain stuck in my head for a few days. I'm not sure what inspired the pose, I think it may be a subliminal memory of a scene from and old 80's fantasy movie, Sword and the Sorcerer maybe? Anyway, I was happy with how it turned out especially since I don't do fur that often and I attempted to do it in the same style as the other figures in the line for aesthetic continuity. Oh yeah, he's big too! Those are the same resin skulls I made that I've used throughout this line, Mike didn't give me a size he wanted the figure to be so by looking at the skulls in the art and with the name "Mountain Giant" I just sorta went from there. Hope you guys like it!

Concept art by Adrian Smith


  1. Awesome as ever. Great sense of motion and weight to the big fella as he descends down the cliff face. Fe Fi Fo Fum...

  2. Badass. Love that toof sticking out over his lip. Great pose. I agree that he has a great sense of motion even though he is not in a dynamic about to whoop your ass posture. Love it. Wish I had the $75 to KS it.

    1. Yeah, I have no idea if the figures are going to ever be offered separately and even then since he is a "Kickstarter Exclusive" he might not ever be available after this campaign.