Monday, July 6, 2015

Zombicide: Black Plague - Abominarat

Here it is, literally the last hour of the Kickstarter for Zombicide: Black Plague and I managed to get the last monster I was asked to do done in time for the 4 million stretch goal. It would have been done sooner but the weather and heat where I live has gotten kind of crazy and my work days have been cut in half since I can only work at night when it's cooler. The Fimo I use to sculpt with has almost the consistency of warm butter which is not the preferred firmness I enjoy sculpting with.
I had been contacted again about halfway through the ZBP campaign and asked if I could do another monster, (at this point the zombie troll was about halfway done) and I said, "Sure, what would you like?" And the response was, "How about some kind of rat-thing? That would go pretty well with the Black Plague theme!" Sounded good to me and I got to design another monster which is always fun.
Here are some pictures of the figure, hope it is accepted well.

This has been a fun project for me and hopefully everyone will enjoy the game. I know I will be getting a giggle thinking about all of you fighting the creatures I got to make for it.

And now for a geek-out moment for me, Adrian Smith did the art for my rat. OMG! First Edouard Guiton and now Adrian Smith doing art for my minis?

That is awesome, total nerdgasm.


  1. Wonderful work! And cool to see some of the thought processes behind these amazing models here on your blog.

    Hopefully you won't mind my asking a question. Your blog has inspired me to try to learn how to work with Fimo. But where to start? The internet is full of tutorials, but I have no idea what is good and what is bad. Of course I realise I will suck for a very long time and getting anywhere near half decent won't happen overnight, but having an idea of where to start would help a lot.

    Wishing you all the best,

    1. Thank you for the comments and sorry it has taken so long to reply.
      Where to start. Hmmmm. Well, I would get at least one brick of soft and one of classic hardness of Fimo and just experiment. don't try to make anything specific right off the bat, just get a feel for the putty and how it moves, resistance and tackiness. Just take a tool to a small amount and start playing around and see what happens. After that you can play around with mixing the two hardness's of putty to get the consistency you like if you are unhappy with it or adding something called "Fimo Mix Quick" to soften it even more.
      When you get to the point you want to try making a figure You can begin building armatures out of either floral wire or aluminum armature sculpting wire. Greenstuff can be used as a medium to get the Fimo to stick easier to the armature by mixing a small batch of Kneadatite, applying it to the armature and then while it is still wet and sticky begin to add Fimo on top of it.
      As far as tools you would need something you are comfortable using, I suggest something with a probe type of tip on one end and a spatula type of tip on the other. Anything from Squadron sculpting tools to old dental tools or even a cuticle nail tool will work. Also something called a color shaper will be very useful, I suggest a size-0 taperd medium hardness, (but that's my personal preference) and a soft, small brush to help out with smoothing effects. I use a small modelling brush with hand sanitizer to help blend things together on parts like muscle and flesh.
      A word of caution; since I do not know if you intend to use Fimo to sculpt full figures or to customize existing ones you need to know that Fimo bakes at about 250 degrees (US) so any mods on plastic figures will not work. also Fimo melts ABS plastic on contact, sort of like a slow acting model glue solvent so I would avoid letting the raw putty even touch any plastic.
      Hopefully this answered some of your questions? Let me know if it did not.

  2. That is how my belly feels after eating Taco Bell and drinking Boone's, luckily we haven't done that in ages!

    Love the tumors and spikes man. Love them. Model looks fantastic. Great pose, with fluid action. Proud of you, buddy.

  3. Good God... Boones. I think that was the last time I had any. Now I have a craving.

    Glad you like the figure, having some sculpting freedom is a lot of fun but you never know if others will enjoy it.

  4. I remenber that announcement in KS. Abominarat was a big MEGABOOM to me. Great job I really love this one. Thanks and greetings from Spain :)

    1. I'm glad you like him and hope all is well over there.