Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Others: War

I got to be involved with the expansion for this game and got to do three of the main big monsters for this project. The first was War and here are the pics of the original. The ammo belts ended up being pulled tight into the body to help with casting and the gun gauntlet had to have a lot of back-fill under the barrels and turned into a separate part to help with the molding process. No back detail had been given so as per norm I got to add my own touch to the figure, I included an ominous cylinder sprouting from between his shoulder blades that has a radioactive insignia on it. I kind of figured War to be nuclear capable.
I'm including Adrian's art so you can see how well or poorly I kept to the art, hope you enjoy.

Art by: Adrian Smith


  1. Third time I'm writing this (why does the login hate me?), so I'll keep it shorter.

    Awesome stuff, you're ELEVATING the artwork, no reason to be so humble!

    The warning sign on his back is a great touch because it connects this otherworldy, unreal being with our own reality. It makes it less fantasy or biblical and a lot more terrifying in the process. Well done! And he has THE most metal hand ever \m/

  2. Blogger has had to update it security regarding comments since someone over in Russia has a surplus of hot, sex-hungry women and was using Blogger's comment section to tell everyone about it. One douche ruins it for everyone.

    I can't help the humility thing since that's what happens when my sculpts are put alongside the other's who have worked on these projects. I feel like I'm at a fancy dress party in Converse and blue jeans.

    And yes, that is a totally metal hand!

  3. Looks awesome! All you owe is Converse and Blue Jeans! Own it! hahaha.

    I know this sculpt was a pain in the booty, but damn, it turned out great!