Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hmmmm... Another Trollblood figure, anyone seeing a trend to my assignments? A while ago I got an emergency job from PP for Borka, apparently they were unhappy with the original sculpt (not sure who did it but I have my suspicions) as it looked too comical and... goofy, I guess. Anyway I think I had 2 weeks to do this in which was kinda fast for me as I had yet to do a figure of this size yet let alone a character. I was asked to make him "bad ass" since he is supposed to be a symbol of male-ness... ess. Lotsa testosterone. I think the one glaring thing on this sculpt I would like to redo is his face; that upper lip bugs me a lot and I wish I had a bit more time to get it right but, a rush job is a rush job. And while I did sculpt Borka I did not do his little keg-gimp, if I knew I would tell you.
Painting and photos by the usual suspects (PP)