Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Others: Pestilence

Here is the last of the three I did for the expansion, Pestilence. Not much to say about this guy as he was pretty straight forward for me to do. Hope it does Mr. Smiths art justice.

Art by: Adrian Smith

The Others: Death

Death was the second of the Four Horseman I got to do and I was dreading it, it's those wings. Feathers. Not a strong point of mine. When doing big figures like this the limbs can end up being like sculpting an entire figure in itself and the wings were pretty involved for me. Mostly because the art depicts them as moldering and sickly and I found out that to get that drooping and filthy look I was pushing dangerously close into hair technique territory and I began to worry that it was looking more like he had hairy wings rather then feathered. Hopefully he looks good to you all. And hey, look! It's those skulls again!

Art by: Adrian Smith

The Others: War

I got to be involved with the expansion for this game and got to do three of the main big monsters for this project. The first was War and here are the pics of the original. The ammo belts ended up being pulled tight into the body to help with casting and the gun gauntlet had to have a lot of back-fill under the barrels and turned into a separate part to help with the molding process. No back detail had been given so as per norm I got to add my own touch to the figure, I included an ominous cylinder sprouting from between his shoulder blades that has a radioactive insignia on it. I kind of figured War to be nuclear capable.
I'm including Adrian's art so you can see how well or poorly I kept to the art, hope you enjoy.

Art by: Adrian Smith

Monday, July 6, 2015

Zombicide: Black Plague - Abominarat

Here it is, literally the last hour of the Kickstarter for Zombicide: Black Plague and I managed to get the last monster I was asked to do done in time for the 4 million stretch goal. It would have been done sooner but the weather and heat where I live has gotten kind of crazy and my work days have been cut in half since I can only work at night when it's cooler. The Fimo I use to sculpt with has almost the consistency of warm butter which is not the preferred firmness I enjoy sculpting with.
I had been contacted again about halfway through the ZBP campaign and asked if I could do another monster, (at this point the zombie troll was about halfway done) and I said, "Sure, what would you like?" And the response was, "How about some kind of rat-thing? That would go pretty well with the Black Plague theme!" Sounded good to me and I got to design another monster which is always fun.
Here are some pictures of the figure, hope it is accepted well.

This has been a fun project for me and hopefully everyone will enjoy the game. I know I will be getting a giggle thinking about all of you fighting the creatures I got to make for it.

And now for a geek-out moment for me, Adrian Smith did the art for my rat. OMG! First Edouard Guiton and now Adrian Smith doing art for my minis?

That is awesome, total nerdgasm.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Zombicide - Black plague: Abominatroll

He's finally been posted so here's the Abominitroll. I had been asked to make a new monster for the Kickstarter since the Abominataur seemed to be received well, I asked what they wanted and they said, "How about a troll?" Why not? I mean, I do a lot of trolls so it wasn't as if I was leaving my comfort zone. Since I was being given a chance to design another large sized creature for the game I wanted to do something a bit different to make sure this figure's aesthetics set itself apart from all the other trolls I have done so I brainstormed for a bit on what to do and how to approach it.
I was more influenced by traditional descriptions for the design; big nose and feet with long and lean arms. Massive hands for snatching unwary travelers from under bridges and a distended pot-belly. Something else I wanted to do was attempt to convey a type of mindless and crazed energy to the troll, make it look as if it was insane at trying to get to the adventurers so I made him in this psychotic run with slavering tongue and groping paws flailing.
And the Guillotine crew liked it!
The other trick to designing these monsters for Black Plague is to make a creature that could be identified under all that zombification. In the standard Zombicide game all the Abominations are variants of humans so everyone knows what the starting body was; a person. But in this I have the extra thing to consider is that I am making monsters that can be recognized what they were before they began to mutate so I'm hoping I have been doing that well enough that these figures don't look like a mess of WTF when people look at it.

The last picture shows a standard Zombicide survivor along side the troll to give everyone an idea of scale. He's got an old shield s part of his loincloth from before he'd been zombified, (and there's that skull again!) since I figured he was a living creature with a penchant for trophy adornment until his suffering at the hands of the Necromancers.
Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Zombicide - Black Plague: Ablobination

I did this guy a in November of last year for fun. Another one of my ideas I decided to sculpt on my own time and see what the crew at Guillotine games thought of it.
Again, this has been a lot of fun. It's rare I get to just make something and have it accepted.

Art by Edouard Guiton