Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Noh Girls Allowed!

Here are the WIP's for the last(?) 2 figures I did for Soda Pop's Relic Knights line that I have yet to post about. Talk about being out of your comfort zone, women are not what I normally sculpt so hopefully I did an OK job with these two; Marikan-To the archer and the Noh Empire Serpent priestess. I was asked to change the pose on the archer from the concept art to something that would show off her body a bit more. In the pics you only see the upper part of the bow because that part would be cast twice to make both upper and lower halves. I think the quarrel was the most stressful to do, all the fletching on the arrows and individual shafts had to be done in a way to show off their individuality while having enough back-fill for casting.The priestess had a pose request of prancy-stabby-stabby which got a bit tricky while sculpting as the whole figure is balanced on the tip of one foot. I was worried I was going to crush her while sculpting. 
Both ladies were done in Fimo, Magic Sculpt, greenstuff , hobby beads and brass rods. with concept art by Chris Walton. (I would post the concept art but I don't know if that would piss him off or not.) I'll make another post with painted examples since those look far better then  my "Greens."

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Noh Dragon

Since it's being shown off at Gencon I figured I'd post the "greens" of the new Noh Dragon. Does he have a special, cool sounding name? Probably. I don't know what it is so he is just "The Dragon."
I got asked to do this guy back in October of last year and was allowed to take some liberties with the design but it needed to fit on an 80mm base. The concept art had him perched on a bit of rock which goes a long way to get all those limbs on the base as well as making the pose more dynamic. Since the Noh are kind of giants already that meant the Dragon needed to be formidable in size otherwise it would look a bit goofy.
I sculpted this guy more like I do mecha and that was to do each part separately, otherwise I don''t think I would have gotten the symmetry of the scale/armor correctly. He was sculpted from Fimo, Magic Sculpt and Greenstuff, he was so big he didn't fit into my light box for photos and there was so much going on in the foreground as well as the background that getting everything into focus at once didn't quite work. Hopefully you will forgive the crappiness of the pictures.