Monday, February 20, 2023

Personal project: Attack Snail

 I've sculpted this guy up sometime last summer, after the sniper snail I did that was inspired by Turnip 28 I was given a couple of smaller snail shells that were found in the back yard. I turned one into this figure for fun, Just goofing around really but I have been considering casting these up to see if anyone would be interested. I'm still not sure yet but anyway here are some pics...

Friday, March 18, 2022


  I can't remember how long ago I made this, maybe 5 years ago? Anyway, it was back in the day when i thought I was actually going to play a game of Warhammer 40K and I wanted to do an Enslaver themed Killteam to start off with. I sculpted this for myself, made a mold and a couple of casts and gave one to a friend of mine. He posted a picture of it online, it made its way onto Pinterest and now years later I got a request to post more pictures of it. So, here it is...

I looked online for inspiration but mostly used the rough sketch that I think was done by Jess Goodwin(?) as the overall guide. I tried to keep the main visual cues that are in the sketch; floating bladders, tentacles, mandibles, eye cluster, stuff like that but I wanted to make it look as alien as I could pull off  and still make it castable. To me, asymetrical elements makes things look bizarre and I focused on that with the underside detail in hopes of  conveying an alien anatomy.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Turnip28 Sniper Snail (personal project)

I thought I would post some personal projects up here since it's been a while. I just finished up a set of figures last week and I had some time to kill while waiting for my next assignment. I've been a fan of INQ28 for a while (and have several customs even though I don't play) and with Turnip28 taking off I wanted to take a crack at sculpting something in that vein. 

If you are unfamiliar with Turnip28 it is a tabletop skirmish game by Max FitzGerald who has created a setting that's getting some attention. Fans of Oldhammer and Mordheim could find this setting a lot of fun and a great chance for hobbyists to create some unique and interesting things. The rules are currently free over at his Patreon page, check it out if you are interested...

After seeing some of Mr. FitzGeralds art I got inspired to do a snail (no particular reason, just thought it would be fun) and since I'm lazy and didn't want to sculpt it myself I ordered some snail shells off of Amazon a month back and used one of those. I didn't plan much of anything and just began adding things that I thought would look good. I tried to keep things like some of the works of Terry Gilliam, Roger Christian and a bit of Brian Froud in mind as I went.

I may have gone overboard with the snails mouth, after sculpting it I was getting a feeling that I've seen it before and then I realized it looks a lot like the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand logo by Jim Phillips (or "Monks of the Screaming Fist" for the Rogue Trader era fans) so I subconciously ripped him off. Sorry. On top of that I don't even want to think how he reloads that gun. Anyway, I might make a mold of it in the future and cast it up and actually try to paint something for once. Hope this amuses.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Zombicide: Undead or Alive - Wendigo


Yup, that's a big figure.

This is another of my designs, when I got the chance to add some of my own ideas to the game I really wanted to do a Wendigo figure as I thought it would fit well with the theme. Instead of making a victim processed by the spirit I wanted to do the spirit itself and I attempted to add elements that I thought would reflect it's hunger. It has the elk head (which is how I have mostly seen it depicted) and gave it an empty chest to show how hollow it is and will always be, no amount of food will ever fill that void. Long arms for catching victims to stuff into it's maw but no jaw to chew. I made the legs half formed as I was attempting to make it look as if it had not entirely manifested. The body was to look as if it was made of tattered skin and collected bones from it's previous victims all supported and propelled by swirling frozen winds. Here's hoping it looks the part, (sculpting wind is hard to pull off.)

And here is the game art for it, credits were not given but if I find out I'll add and update that info.