Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Zombicide White Death: Kaijin

 This was the first figure I got to design for White Death, I was asked to sculpt some big monsters for the game and pitched the idea of an Oni wich was accepted. After talking it over with CMON, (How big? BIG!)  I did something I don't do often anymore; I sketched out some ideas and sent them off to get their reaction. I'll include the sketches so you can see a bit of the planning stage. 


First progress pics

Second progress pics 

Final pics 

Parts breakdown for production

Closeup of head 

Final art and character description, Lines by Dany Orizio. Colors by Simon Tessuto.


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    1. Indeed. The actual plastics will shrink from the production process so he might be a tad bit smaller that what is pictured.