Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adepticon angel?

Oooooohyeaaaaah, I remember sculpting this. God, something like a year ago, forgot that I did it but just ran across a picture of it. Took a few seconds to realize it was one of mine. This was set up by John Candice over at Sodapop Miniatures (which is why there is a little soda pop bottle at her feet) and has alt weapons and heads for those of you who like a little choice with their minis. This is the first female figure I have sculpted to go into production and I'm pretty sure the only "human scaled" figure I have done for anyone other then myself. 
Apparently it's limited to 500 and you have to have a ticket for Adepticon 2012 to get it so to those who go and get one I hope you enjoy.
Picture shamelessly snagged from Adepticon website and figure painted by James Wappel

Let me be your hawg!

The Road Hog was not one of my favorite designs to work from, I thought him too goofy and the face didn't look much like a boar's, the tusks were too far back and the goggles insinuate that his eyes are forward and not more to the sides. On top of that the odd douche-gun arm is just... Well, odd. Oh well, it's not my place to be artistic, just to reproduce the art given to me. Speaking of which, this design wasn't done by Chris Walton who did the War Pig so that is one of the reasons why there is a drastic difference in style. But, here he is.
Photos provided by Privateer Press, paint by Privateer painting crew