Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wrath of Kings: The Children

I'm guessing these guys are soldiers for the Warchild figure but I could be wrong. I was given one piece of art and asked to do three different poses from it and here they are. Fimo, magic sculpt and aluminum tubes.

Pictures provided by CMoN, figure painting by James Wappel and art by Edouard Guiton

Wrath of Kings: Hammer of Heavens

I think this guys original name was, "Wei Wei." Not sure what it means but imagine my surprise when I see he is called, "Hammer of Heavens." His concept art was more of him standing and brooding so I was asked to put him in an action pose. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures of this guy as there was a series of corrections done to him regarding the chain of his weapon. and a full, "This is finished, what do you think?" turnabout was never done. Hard to believe this was done almost a year ago.
Sculpted with Fimo, Magic Sculpt and a real chain. See? I told you I cheat.

Wrath of Kings: Arkan Thesh

"Arkan Thesh," is that what his name is? For the whole project we just called him, "Demon-y Guy." Anyway, wings always present some challenges which was the big obstacle with this guy. That and his horns.
Sculpted primarily with Fimo and Greenstuff.

Art by Edouard Guiton.