Monday, December 8, 2014

Blood Rage: Frost Giant

Long time, no post. But that is because I work in secret, shunning the light of day and company of people so that I may bring you THIS! ...But only once it's officially announced. A few days ago the Facebook page for the new game, "Blood Rage" went up and now I can talk about it and post pictures.
This guy was one of four figures Mike McVey asked me to sculpt for the game and I think one of the ones that turned out the best.

I included a Zombicide survivor figure in with the last picture for a scale reference so it might help with questions on just how big he is. He was sculpted using mostly Fimo and was finished up May of this year. As you can see from the concept art he is stomping through some deep snow and I needed to extrapolate that part of the anatomy to sculpt his feet (not that big of a deal) but also try to capture that, "I'm standing on a mountain" feel that he has, so having one leg perched on a rocky crag seemed the best approach to that. 

Here is a last set of pictures showing off the progression of the sculpt, probably not that interesting but who knows?

Concept art by Adrian Smith.

02/20/2014 Update; Brand new pictures of the figure painted by Rogland Painting Service. You can see more pictures there.