Thursday, November 7, 2019

Zombicide 2019 reboot: Batabomination

Every once in a while CMoN lets me just make something up, this guy was one of my concepts for the game that they decided to include in the Kickstarter.

Art by Filipe Pagliuso...

Picture I pulled from the internet for inspiration...

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Zombicide 2019 reboot: Bigfoot

Another stretch-goal for the campaign, I thought I would use the classic photo as the base for the pose.

Art by Filipe Pagliuso  

Monday, October 28, 2019

Zombicide 2019 reboot: Bearmanboar

I wish I had more time on this one but here he is.

Art by Filipe Pagliuso

Zombicide 2019 reboot: Cthulhu

I wasn't tapped for CMoN's "Death may Die" campaign but I was asked to do Cthulhu for Zombicide. The only restrictions I had was base size, height (about 60mm) and that he should have small wings. I could have gone real weird and crazy with this, (he is an alien after all) but decided to keep it to the classic chimeric look. I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be like a zombie abomination or not so I gave him the classic Abom look of small legs and huge arms and upper body. For the pose, the quote, "A mountain walked or stumbled" was the inspiration; no flailing arms or grand gesticulations, just a Starspawn striding across the board.  Again, art by Filipe Pagliuso based on my sculpt.

In the beginning...


Zombicide 2019 reboot: Mummy

I was asked to do some of the stretch goals for the new Zombicide Kickstarter reboot which kinda surprised me since I think it's almost all digital now. They asked for a Mummy but did not particularly want it Egyptian so I looked to the art of the old Conan series for inspiration. I don't have the art for it but it looks as if Filipe Pagliuso was asked to draw the character based on my figure. If I ever get a picture I'll post it but until then the Kickstarter promo is the closest I have.