Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Noh Girls Allowed!

Here are the WIP's for the last(?) 2 figures I did for Soda Pop's Relic Knights line that I have yet to post about. Talk about being out of your comfort zone, women are not what I normally sculpt so hopefully I did an OK job with these two; Marikan-To the archer and the Noh Empire Serpent priestess. I was asked to change the pose on the archer from the concept art to something that would show off her body a bit more. In the pics you only see the upper part of the bow because that part would be cast twice to make both upper and lower halves. I think the quarrel was the most stressful to do, all the fletching on the arrows and individual shafts had to be done in a way to show off their individuality while having enough back-fill for casting.The priestess had a pose request of prancy-stabby-stabby which got a bit tricky while sculpting as the whole figure is balanced on the tip of one foot. I was worried I was going to crush her while sculpting. 
Both ladies were done in Fimo, Magic Sculpt, greenstuff , hobby beads and brass rods. with concept art by Chris Walton. (I would post the concept art but I don't know if that would piss him off or not.) I'll make another post with painted examples since those look far better then  my "Greens."


  1. Very nice! Crisp, clean and accurate details. Smooth, correct anatomy. That foot there in the final pictures is exquisite! The poses are dynamic and naturalistic, the fine details are impressive. I'm not a fan of micro bikini armor for female characters but the work is very good.

  2. Thank you! It's also intimidating when sculptors like MIKA http://artmikh.blogspot.com/, Thomas David http://art.thomasdavid.over-blog.com/ or Aragorn Marks http://aragornmarks.blogspot.com/ are on the project as well sculpting women, they make me look like a fool fumbling around with putty. Not to mention that the Noh are bigger then 30mm so I had the advantage of size.

  3. I think you are way too modest. Your name is less known because the projects you work for don' t advertise so much who their sculptors are. (Same goes for Dan Cockersell' or St├ęphane NGuyen) I just came across this blog by accident. But these sculpts are on par with what the former Rackham sculptors can produce IMO. By the by if you don't mind sharing: who are your favourite sculptors?

    1. Thank you, you are too kind.
      Some of my experience with companies not advertising who is sculpting for them or what pieces they work on is because the companies don't want rivals to snatch them up.
      I've got too much respect for so many other sculptors out there to keep track of, the whole Rakham crew never failed to stun me and I loved getting their old newsletter to see the WIP's. Jacques Alexandre Gillois is perpetually amazing, Thomas David's sculpts are so clean it hurts my head, MIKH makes my jaw drop and Simon Lee (Spider0) is mind boggling. All these guys make me simultaneously want to give up and try harder.
      And there really are so many others; Brian Nelson, Joseph Tsang, Stephane Simon, So many people.