Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bull Snapper

Latest from Privateer Press, a little(ish) guy for me. I didn't hear any complaints from their end so I guess it went into production without a hitch, whitch, considering the drastic twist in the body I'm kinda surprised. Concept art by Chris Walton who is no longer working directly with PP unfortunatly. But, we are still working together, Mua-ha-ha-ha!
Pictures by Privateer Press, paint by Privateer Press paint crew


  1. That's quite a lot of detail in the scaling- no wonder you've been "swamped".... (Don't judge me.)

    On an only marginally related note, you must let me know a good day to ride out there and take advantage of your expertise. I have some fairly complex painting/puttying in need of getting done.

  2. Awesome pose! I'm excited about getting to paint one of these guys, thank you for all the wonderful miniatures.

  3. Hoppergrass: Drop me a line and we can work something out.

    Papa JJ: thanks for the comment, but it's really the designers that do all the work. As a sculptor I rarely have any creative wiggle room. I'm just hired to make 2-D into 3-D so if you see something you like it was probably Matt Wilson or Chris Walton who is responsible.

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  5. Nice looking model.
    I'm sad to hear that Chris is leaving, I really enjoyed his work.

  6. Nixon: From what I understand he may/will still be doing work for Privateer but he will no longer be their in-house artist. If you have not already been to it check out his official web site...

    you not only get a chance to see his color art that has been in the Warmachine, Hoards and No quarter books and mags but also his pencil character art that all the sculptors get to work fom to make the minis.