Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Massive Darkness - Cliffbreaker Cyclops

It's up and running, the Massive Darkness Kickstarter campaign has just started today and that means I can talk about the sculpts I've been working on for over half a year. First up is the "Cliffbreaker Cyclops"

Here's the concept art I worked from...

And here is the final sculpt...

 Are you ready to rock?

His ammo pack of stones will not be included so here is what the production miniature will look like...

So far the campaign is off to a strong start and I'll have more updates as new stretch goals are unlocked.


  1. I was surprised that a big chunk of the sculpts have been digitally made (again I consider the medium just as valid an artform as traditional sculpts, it is only less interesting for me as the sculptor is not actually working at a small scale) Nice to see traditional sculpts are featured as well.Were you told in advance to make the weapon separate (I assume it is a separate piece)or was the design left to you?

  2. I wasn't aware how much digital was used in the game either.

    No, I was not told in advance and yes the sword is separate. Especially with projects like this I try to keep all the details tucked in and close to the body for production reasons. More parts mean more time and money in mold making and assembly. Since there are expected to be pulled out of the box and ready to play as soon as you get it I need to keep the parts count down otherwise it could drive up the pre-production cost with all the extra work. So I do my best to pull the detail in and make it more of a relief then individual objects but some things (like the sword) wouldn't look very good if that was done. So that was a judgement call on my part to make the sculpt look as close to the art as possible.